St Marys Northchurch

Proclaiming the Christian faith in Hertfordshire for over 1000 years

About Us

A church is first and foremost a place of worship, a communal space where the people of God gather to sing God's praise, to read the Bible and to learn what it means to belong to God's family. It is a place of welcome, where new members are added to God's family by baptism, where the faithful are confirmed in their faith by a bishop, and where couples are married. It is also a place of consolation and commendation, where the dead are remembered and the grieving comforted.

There is much more than that to the life of St Mary's. Here, the children from St Mary's School come for worship, the young people of the parish come to learn and play, the adults study and pray, bellringers sound out a welcome and organ and choir lead worship and wonder.

St Mary's is a living place, more than the sum of its stone, wood and glass and all the history that they contain. St Mary's is a house of God for the people of Northchurch, a spiritual centre for their lives, a living symbol of the faithfulness of God.

If you can visit St Mary's, then you will be able to spend time admiring the beauty of the building. But you can also sit in silence, in the intimacy of the Lady Chapel or in the breadth of the nave, and offer prayers of thanksgiving to God for his constant love, his constant care and his constant presence with us.

Join with God's people when they gather for worship - times of services are on the home page - and if there is any way in which we can help, by prayer or in practical, hands-on ways, then please contact us.