St Marys Northchurch

Proclaiming the Christian faith in Hertfordshire for over 1000 years

Raise the Roof

The main church roof has been leaking for some time and over the years small repairs have been made in attempt to make St Mary's watertight. 

When the organ was repaired in 2014 it was discovered that a leak from the roof directly above it was partially responsible for the damage caused. To prevent further damage any rainwater now leaking from above has been diverted away. 

Elsewhere the leaks in the roof have got worse and it is estimated that to effect the necessary repairs would cost around £85,000.

We are now looking to raise the funds via grants and various fund-raising activities under the heading "Raise the Roof".

During 2016 a series of events were held including a Burns Night Supper, concert, wine tasking evening and a German Kristkindlmarket. This year another Burns Night Supper was held and will be followed in March by a concert by the Chiltern Sinfonietta.

Another ongoing initiative to raise funds is the 'model church' with individual bricks, windows and other features being sponsored. to date this has raised over £17,000 alone.

13th February - Foundations in place

17th March - The walls are growing

April 2016 - and now for the windows.....

June 2016

June 2016 - the tower is appearing

January 2017 - the latest version is unveiled

For further information on the "Raise the Roof" project please click here