A big thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to the St Mary’s Fete! It was a wonderful day and lots of fun was had by all! Despite being in competition with England's World Cup game, we raised an astonishing £4,000 for our three charitable causes! We couldn’t have done this without the help of so many people and all of those who came. To find out more about some of the charities we support, take a look at our Missions & Charities page. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Mary Magdalene Day

In marketing campaigns it is most likely a good thing to get a celebrity endorsement. Many top sportspeople or actors can earn millions from a good deal for a particular product. It is odd that in the gospels when it comes to trying to convince people about the most important part of the Christian faith, namely the good news of Easter, the writers identify the key people as those who in terms of their society would be the most marginalised. The main witnesses to the resurrection are women and in John’s account, we are told of the faithful discipleship of Mary Magdalene. A counter cultural move in what was a patriarchal society. In life it is very important to listen and to and be aware of th

Trinity 7: Change, dance moves and corruption in high places

One of the consequences of the bright sunshine is the readjustment you have to make when you come out of a dark space into the sunshine. It takes a while to readjust your vision and get used to the light. Whilst the England team came across a very strong team from Croatia the good news football story this week was the dramatic rescue of the boy’s football team from a cave in Thailand. On limited food supplies they had to survive twelve days in total darkness with fear of rising water before their position was found. In the last few days all have been rescued and brought out of the waters into light and safety. By contrast the other big event this week has been the visit of President Trump an

Full event details and running order for the Music at St Mary’s choral workshop; Handel’s Messiah -

Are you attending the Music at St Mary’s Choral Workshop on Saturday 21st July? St Mary's has developed a reputation for hosting inspiring and memorable singing events and this year, the chosen focus for the workshop is the incomparable Messiah by Handel. Please click here to read the full event details and click here to take a look at the workshop running order. We are delighted to welcome Richard King, an experienced and charismatic musician who will guide the massed chorus of participants through our favourite choruses and also some of the ‘solos’. The Hallelujah chorus will be included! For bookings and further information please email or call 01442 822915

Solemnity, celebration – and sometimes just fun! A bellringing insight by our own Tower Captain, Val

You expect to hear the bells ringing on Sunday before the usual services – but ringing at noon is out of the ordinary. So it was on the first Sunday in June when a band of Northchurch ringers gathered to remember Robert Allen with affection and respect. As a young lad, Robert had learnt to ring at St Mary’s in the ‘50s but his working life took him away from the area, and from ringing. Retirement brought him back less than 10 years ago and Robert discovered that ringing is indeed like riding a bike: once you’ve learned, you never forget how to do it. Robert was the most regular of Sunday ringers – and the most conscientious clock-winder! Those bells ringing at noon heralded the scattering of

July & August Parish Newsletter

Keep up to date with the latest Parish news in the July & August edition of the Parish Newsletter. If you have any advertising or editorial queries please direct these to Editor, Jill Hipson.

Trinity 5: Period Poverty and Inclusion

One issue that has been in the news recently is period poverty. The British Medical Foundation has urged that hospitals give in- patient’s access to products to ensure a dignified recovery for those menstruating. A representative said that it “was difficult to provide care and for woman to retain their dignity with heavy bleeding without any form of protection.” Danielle Rowley, Labour MP for Midlothian, has also this week become the first ever woman to talk about her period in the House of Commons chamber. It was part of a bid to highlight the poverty of girls who can't afford sanitary products, and are left so worried they miss school. It is estimated that 137.000 girls miss school a few d

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