Join us at a Service of Remembrance to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War

The service at St Mary’s on Remembrance Sunday will have a particular poignancy as we mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War. The reading of the names from the Northchurch War Memorial is a way of marking in this locality the profound impact of the conflict on communities across the country. We are hoping in St Mary’s, thanks to the Parish Council, we will have a silhouette, that are being promoted under the heading, “There, but not there,” to provide a visual image of the sense of loss that so many places across Europe would have felt in the months and years following the Armistice. Please join us for this service at 10:00 on Sunday 11th November. The service will b

November Parish Newsletter

Keep up to date with the latest Parish news in the November edition of the Parish Newsletter. If you have any advertising or editorial queries please direct these to Editor, Jill Hipson.

Join us at the St Mary's Northchurch Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 10th November!

Get ahead with your Christmas shopping at our traditional Christmas Bazaar and market! Bring along your family and friends to enjoy coffee, mince pies, apple crumble, cakes and a market offering chutneys, jams, marmalade, Christmas puddings, hand crafted gifts, Christmas cards a raffle and much more! St Mary’s Christmas Market will take place on Saturday 10th November at 10:00am in the Parish Room.

Harvest Thanksgiving

This year has been one of contrasts. Despite the cold winter that seemed to stretch into April, we had over the summer months a period of hot weather and drought. One of the memories of this year is going to be the lawns turning dry and brown and sunny day after sunny day. By the time we reached August I was thinking that when it rains I am going to stand in the middle of the lawn and enjoy getting wet. Fortunately a holiday in the Lake District achieved this ambition. One of the uncertainties that were voiced in the summer was what type of harvest we would have this year. Fortunately, as always, the flower guild has been able to use their artistic skills, and the church has been decorated a

Trinity 18 – “We are all in this together”

I watched an inspired piece of team talk this week by Pep Guardiola to the Manchester City team. He said that people said to him, “Pep, you have destroyed the Premier League, you have done this and you have done that. I tell them it not’s me, it’s you, the team. You are the ones who have achieved incredible things." In the dressing room of a successful team it is essential that you put egos to one side as we work together to build a team and we are all in this together. Last week the disciples were having an internal argument amongst themselves about who was the greatest. The Gospels are quite hard on the disciples but they have a redeeming feature. Namely, they are honest. They don’t hide o

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