Christ the King

I was at a meeting recently where it was said that the only thing that unites the country at the moment is the importance of Remembrance Sunday and the Queen. On most other things there seems to be splits and bearing that in mind across the Deanery there were very moving services on Remembrance Sunday and I decided to buy season one of the Crown for my Mum for Christmas. At St Mary’s we have a film club and this week with Christ the King in mind we watched Cromwell that told the story of the English Civil War and in particular the struggle of personalities between Charles 1st and Oliver Cromwell. To some Charles 1st is remembered as a martyr and to others as a person who could not be trusted

December Parish Newsletter

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Remembrance Sunday

The Gospel story is very striking in the way that the first disciples, who are two sets of brothers, are hard at work and then they hear the call of Jesus to follow him, and they drop what they are doing and leave. To leave everything behind is a huge decision, your family and livelihood for an uncertain future, but maybe they sensed something that could not be refused. In 1914 and the years that followed around 220 men either volunteered or where conscripted into various regiments and as the names from the War memorial are read out, we are reminded that over a quarter of that number did not return. Some of these men were agricultural labourers, gardeners, and farmers. Some such as Private J

St Mary’s Northchurch Christmas Cards

As part of the fundraising effort for replacing the roof at St Mary's we are selling Christmas cards showing the wonderful model of our church in a festive winter scene! The printing cost has very kindly been sponsored, so every penny of income will go directly into the roof fund. A pack of 5 cards and envelopes costs £7.50. Buy your cards after the 10:00 Sunday Services or at the Christmas Bazaar in the Parish Rooms on Saturday 10th November. Alternatively you can contact Andrew Dobbie by email to place your order. Thank you for your support!

Appeal for your stories for our Remembrance Day Service

We are asking people to bring photos and short stories of family and friends who served in WWI or WWII or a conflict since so that we can put them on display on Sunday in the Parish Rooms. It doesn’t matter if they weren’t local at the time - we would like to honour and remember the families of those who are local now on this special day. Please drop your photos and stories into the Rectory before Sunday, bring before Church on Sunday to the Parish Rooms or email them to

Memorial Service Sermon

On the news this week there was a focus on the unveiling of the world’s tallest statue. It is in memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel a leader of the movement for the independence of India. It is twice as big as the Statue of Liberty and stands at 182 meters or 502 feet. By contrast the Bridgewater Monument stands at 108 feet. In every place you travel there are memorials. Some are to the great or important men and women of history, but most are often small and sometimes easily missed. Last week we were on the Isle of Wight and at Culvers Point near Bembridge we walked past a monument to the Duke of Yarnborough and it is very impressive and stands out on the hill. Yet, close to it on the coast

Feeling puzzled?

The St Mary's puzzlers have just finished another puzzle and are still going strong! Come and join us for puzzles, tea and cake every Wednesday afternoon from 2-4pm. If you would rather do something more practical and join the lads, there is usually some maintenance going on so you will be very welcome!

St Mary's Film Club: Cromwell

Join us in the Parish Room at 20:00 on Tuesday 20th November for the next meeting of the St Mary's Film Club, this time showing the Oscar winning film, Cromwell. Everybody is welcome and refreshments will be provided! The Sunday before Advent is called “Christ the King” and in British history the stories of monarchy and the people have periodically been ones of conflict. The film interprets the English Civil War in the 1640's and in particular the struggle for power between Charles 1st and Oliver Cromwell.

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