March 2019 Parish Newsletter

Keep up to date with the latest Parish news in the March 2019 edition of the Parish Newsletter. If you have any advertising or editorial queries please direct these to Editor, Jill Hipson.

Quiet Morning for Lent

Quiet Morning for Lent St Mary’s Church Northchurch Saturday 9th March Pop in anytime between 10 am and 12 noon It’s a morning of reflection for anyone who would like to come and sit in the church and ponder on the meaning of Lent and Easter and all that it holds for each one of us. There will be tables of activities to engage you, or just think about. Come and join in, we’d love to see you!

Third Sunday Before Lent

I have read some really interesting novels and books in the last few months that have described some profound social and even revolutionary movements. The first was the recent book by C J Sansom in the Shardlake series set in 1549 and the Kett Rebellion that took place in Norfolk. It was essentially a group of farmers and labourers who resisted the enclosure of the lands and demanded that they should be able to farm the land free from interference. A subplot in the book is the simmering resentment that the commoners felt towards the aristocracy and rich. It questioned inequalities and space is given to preachers who proclaimed that God would intervene on their behalf as the gospel of Jesus C

All Age Worship: Fishing with Jesus

I had a really interesting chat with someone who is training to be a Vicar this week. She described her worry that when it comes down to it, she will be rubbish! She won’t know what to say or do, the thought of taking services does not fill her with a sense of excitement, but rather dread. We speak in the church of calling and vocation to ministry but the sense of being called was filling her with unease about her capabilities. She has got through the selection process and someone obviously thinks that you have a potential that will grow. It’s hard if not impossible if we have to be the finished article at a task or job immediately. It is something that you can grow into and when we start it

All Age Service - Sunday 10th February

This Sunday at the St Mary's 10.00am service will be our second Sunday All Age Service with the music group. There will be activities for children and a creche. The theme will be fishing and St Luke's story of the call of St Peter. We hope to see you there!

Our new roof!

At last, after many years of hard work fundraising we have been able to make a start on our new roof here at St Mary’s. The church is wrapped in scaffolding and polythene sheeting, and the lead is coming off. Come along to the service at 10am on Sunday and you will be able to see the holes in the roof for yourself. We are strictly business as usual, and we hope you will never have the chance to see it like this again!

Simeon and Anna - Presentation of Christ in the Temple

I think that an important part of a being a Vicar is listening. Alongside that, some of the most significant things you pick up tend to be in chance and short conversations. I’m sure you have probably had the same experience where you are walking along and meet someone and periodically stop for a conversation. I always try and think back on the last week walking into town and at the bus stop met someone who was telling me of the death of his son, and then on another day someone told me that their husband had recently started treatment for cancer. These are just short insights into what is happening in a person’s life and then you carry on with your journey. I really appreciate at the Crib Se

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Burns Night celebrations!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our Burns Night celebrations last week! A great time was had by all. The haggis was piped in by our resident jester, it was addressed and a hearty meal was served. There was Scottish dancing ably lead by Alastair, and community singing. If you missed it this year take a look at the photos, keep an eye out for the date next year and be sure to come along! The event raised just £5 short of £800 towards the roof fund!

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