Ongoing dangers

I hope that you are having a good Lent and any resolutions going well. We are a few weeks into Lent and it is possible that we have given up on resolutions or failed a few times but still keeping going. It is hard making a resolution, whether to give something up or to do something positive and it can involve struggle. Maybe it is easier when we are doing something positive for others, as when we are investing in other people, we can feel more resolute and that its more worthwhile. There are initiatives such as “40 Acts” that are focused on looking outwards. If anyone gave you a bar of chocolate on Tuesday that was connected to 40 Acts. Last week the focus was on the temptations of Jesus in

Congratulations to Canon Gordon!

We are very pleased to announce that our lovely Rector, Jonathan Gordon was made an Honorary Canon of St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church on 9th March 2019 in recognition of his outstanding contribution and service to the Diocese. According to Bishop Alan, great importance is put on the role of an Honorary Canon, especially as a way of linking the Cathedral with the Diocese and providing a channel for communication. In addition to being the Rector of the benefice of St Mary's Northchurch and St Bartholomews Wigginton, Jonathan is also the Rural Dean for Berkhamsted. Almost a hundred parishioners and deanery members came to support Jonathan at the installation service in the Cathedral and to

Stones into bread

For the assemblies this week I have found a short film of what is called the marshmallow experiment. A child is brought into a room and a marshmallow is placed in front of them. The child is told that they are going to be left on their own for a few minutes and if they don’t eat the marshmallow, they will be given another one when the teacher returns. Once the teacher has left the camera focuses in on the child as they do their best to avoid picking up the marshmallow and eating it. It is hard and quite a few take a bite, but there are some who pick it up, sniff it and stare at it, but hold firm. It is hard to resist when you have a strong pull towards something. I used to work in the Simon

The Wesleys at Wigginton: Songs of Praise!

Join us at 6pm on Sunday 31st March at St Bartholomews Church in Wigginton for this united benefice service of hymns, music and readings featuring the Wesleys: Charles, Samuel, Samuel Sebastian and John. Find out more about this extraordinary family and enjoy some of your favourite hymns including: Come down O love divine, Love’s redeeming work is done, Rejoice the Lord is King. Sunday March 31st 6pm. More details from Rev Jonathan, Rev Michael or contact

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