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Bike 'n Hike - sponsor our Church Warden Evelyn to help raise funds for St Mary's!

I have been a church warden at St Mary's Church Northchurch for about four years now. During my time at the church my fellow church warden and I (along with our PCC and team of fundraisers) have managed to replace the leaky old lead roof with terne coated steel.

We have laid a new floor in the Parish Room to make it a lovely venue for everyone in the village and surrounding area to enjoy for parties, toddler clubs and Brownie groups.

Our dream is to provide even better facilities for people to use the church as a concert venue, to improve the sound systems and internet access and make the church a main hub of the village.

The church is open everyday now, and during the Bike and Hike event on 14th September there will be guided tours by our eminent historian Richard North.

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