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World Day of Prayer - Friday March 4th, 1 pm at Potten End Church

This year's service has been put together by women of the UK. With the familiar verse as the theme throughout the service,, ‘I know the plans I have for you’, a verse from Jeremiah.

In 1940 two ladies, Muriel and Dorothy Lester, from London, prepared the service for that year. They were daughters of a wealthy shipping engineer who devoted their time to serving the poor in the East End.

The UK prepared another service in 1945, but never again until this year.

This service for 2022 was written in 2018. It could be 77 years before we get to write another service as more and more countries join our World Day of Prayer.

So let’s enjoy the whole world praying for us on 4 March 2022. Why not come and join in too. All are very welcome.

Special request for all linguists:

The service this year is written by women of Britain and it is intended to celebrate cultural diversity. There is a place in the service where we are invited to say the Lord’s Prayer in our own languages and we think it would be spectacular to have as many people speaking in their mother tongue as possible.

If you can attend and can speak any alternative language to English, please let Peggy or Evelyn know.

Of course, we will need plenty of English speakers too. Thank you.


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