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St Mary’s depends almost entirely on the giving from our congregation and supporters for its income. To help us receive a regular income and plan our budgeting, our congregation are encouraged to give on a planned basis. 


Planned giving can be made by standing order or by using of the weekly envelope scheme.

Just over half of the money received by St Mary's on a regular basis, either by planned giving or non specific donations, goes towards the payment of the Parish Share. The Parish Share is paid to the Diocese and covers the costs of clergy salaries, housing costs and pensions. Running costs, i.e. heating, lighting, cleaning and insurance accounts for 21% of our costs.

In addition to the regular costs St Mary's raises several thousands of pounds each year for specific missions and charities. Please see the Missions and Charities page for further details.

Where the giver is a tax payer the Government’s Gift Aid scheme allows us to claim tax back on those donations. This is a very valuable source of additional income.  At present we are able to claim £25 for every £100 donated. If a person does not pay tax, then they are still very welcome to join the Planned Giving Scheme but no tax can be reclaimed. 

Visitors, or any member of congregation, can also make a one off donation by using one of the blue envelopes in the pew. Provided their name and address is written on the envelope we can reclaim the tax. Many people attending a baptism, marriage or funeral, who do not live locally but wish to make a donation to St Mary’s, use these envelopes.


Should you wish to contribute to the running costs of St. Mary’s on a regular basis then do please feel free to download, complete and return a Gift Aid form.

Further information regarding Gift Aid can be found here.


There are many ways in which you can get involved in the life at St Mary’s. Volunteers are always welcome to help out in a variety of areas.


St Mary’s supports a wide range of charitable organisations, from local, to national and international levels. These include Christian and secular charities.

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