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A wedding ceremony marks the start of a marriage, and all weddings, wherever they take place, are significant. They all mark a public witness to the love that two people have for each other. However, a Church wedding makes certain themes clearer.

The fact that the promises are made within a supportive community provides a setting in which the marriage can be supported and sustained.

  • The concept of covenant between the couple reflects the relationship between God and the world

  • The idea of the ‘sacrament of marriage’ reflects the miracle of what God is doing in human lives as you both make the promises together in the Church

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get married in England. More than half tie the knot during a religious ceremony which, for 200,000, about a third of the total, involves the Church of England. It is the most important day in their lives. Whether you are a regular churchgoer or not, getting married in church allows you to make solemn promises to the one you love, not only in front of your family and friends but also in the sight of God and with God’s blessing.

Marriage, the Bible tells us, is a gift of God in creation and a means of his grace, a holy mystery in which man and woman become one flesh. It is God’s purpose that, as husband and wife give themselves to each other in love throughout their lives, they are united in that love, just as Christ is united in love with his Church.

Please note that there are legal requirements concerning who can marry at St Mary's (or in any other Church of England Parish Church).

  • At least one of the couple must reside in the parish of Northchurch

  • If neither reside in the parish then at least one of the couple must be on the Church Electoral Roll. This is different from the Register of Electors. To qualify for membership of the Church Electoral Roll you must attend worship regularly (once a month) for a minimum period of six months

  • OR when there is a proven link between the couple and the parish i.e. family live here, you lived here as a child and were baptised or confirmed in St Mary's

  • Your parents or grandparents were married in St Mary's


As part of the planning of your wedding, the Flower Guild at St Mary's can help you with the flowers to decorate the church in the colour scheme of your choice for your special day. Take a look at the Wedding Flower List for more details.

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