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Get your tickets to see Ninebarrow perform at St Bartholomew's Church

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Multi-award-winning folk duo Ninebarrow – Jon Whitley and Jay LaBouchardiere – are impressing audiences across the country with their innovative and captivating take on the folk tradition.

See them perform at St Bartholomew's Church, Wigginton from 19:00 on Sunday 20th May 2018.

Tickets are available for £15 each from Eventbrite or from the St Bartholomew's website.


Described as sounding ‘damn fine’ and as ‘absolutely amazing’, they combine breathtaking vocal harmonies and melodies, delivering original songs that are inspired and rooted in the landscape and history of the British Isles.

As well as crafting unique and engaging original material, Ninebarrow also take a wide-range of traditional folk songs and rework them in their own, distinctive way.

Not only exceptional singers and musicians, Ninebarrow are also equally passionate about the stories behind their songs – combining their music with history, folklore and storytelling.

The duo were nominated in the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Folk Award ‘Horizon’ category for Best Emerging Artist and also for ‘Best Duo’ in both the Fatea Magazine Awards 2016 and the awards of 2017. In March 2017, the duo were invited to perform a live session on Mark Radcliffe’s BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, where the presenter described their singing as ‘A rather lovely thing…like two halves of one voice’.


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