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Coronavirus Update

We are all responding to the impact of the coronavirus and the Church of England website has updated its suggested guidelines for churches regarding the use of the chalice at communion and the sharing of the peace.

From this Sunday at St Mary's the recommended policy is that we ask folk to receive communion in one kind only. The practice of dipping the bread into the wine is not recommended. We will follow this suggestion until the guidelines change. In regard to the Peace again it is recommended that we do not handshake but find an alternative greeting.

The most important thing in all of this is to look out for those who are feeling isolated or anxious and this includes those who have been tested positive. If anyone has to self isolate without a network of support around them then that is going to be a difficult time. There has been much in the media about bulk buying and if the response to the virus changes we will ask that if anyone has extra that they can share then please bring it to St Mary's and we will make sure it is distributed to those who are in need. We are all in this together and we will want to make sure that we support each other over the coming weeks.

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