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Prayer for Berkhamsted with Thy Kingdom Come, 21st - 31st May 2020

We are delighted to be joining with churches in Berkhamsted on a prayer journey. Have a look on the Prayer for Berkhamsted Facebook group or download the Thy Kingdom Come App.

The group has been set up to pray for the town of Berkhamsted during the 10 days of “Thy Kingdom Come” 21st May- 31st May 2020. This is a global initiative inviting all Christians to pray for people to come to know the love of Jesus in their lives. During this COVID-19 pandemic it seems very appropriate to pray for our town, for all the people in Berkhamsted regardless of their faith. To pray for their health and wellbeing, to pray for the key workers, the NHS staff and for all the shops and businesses in the town, whether they are able to work or not.

During these 10 days different Christian churches and organisations will post Bible texts, reflections, prayers, links to videos, music etc to help and encourage our prayers. If you feel moved to post appropriate prayerful responses please do so. Please encourage your friends, neighbours and families to visit this page too.

May God Bless this time of prayer for all of Berkhamsted.

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