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An update from Street Kids Direct

Despite the many challenges of schools being closed this year, the ease of COVID restrictions in both Guatemala and Honduras has meant that we can begin homeschooling!

The children in Proyecto Alas, Honduras and SKDGuatemala are now attending small-group sessions in the mentoring centres. Here they will receive help with their homework and school assignments whilst also gaining vital access to the internet.

Thank you to Global Care and Rotary USA for their funding. It is thanks to your support that it is possible for our projects to provide children with access to fundamental rights such as education. Thank you!



With the help of the SKDGuatemala Street Team, Selvin left the streets on Thursday! He wasn't well when he left but is now with a project in rehab towards the coast of Guatemala and doing well.

This is just one example of how the SKDGuatemala Street Team can continue to do this life changing work through our funding.



Thanks to your support we can continue to provide funding to our partner project GoGuatemala and feed over 120 kids a day for lunch!

This only costs £25- showing how your donations really impacts lives. By supporting amazing projects like GoGuatemala, your funding allows them to continue to do this amazing work .



Thanks to incredible generosity, we have seen so much progress at Centro Opp. The music room was jazzed up with inspiring decals and its very own neon electric guitar, and the kitchen arrived, ready to be installed in the coming weeks.

Above, in Casa Alexis, our teenage boys came for an afternoon of fun. This is the tangiable difference the Protection Home makes, as otherwise the boys would likely be on the streets as schools are closed.

We still have so many plans for this INCREDIBLE space. If you'd like to get involved or donate, click here. THANK YOU!



At the start of the year, Dunc headed down to Honduras to visit Proyecto Alas with Steve and Lindsay. After a great trip, he is now back in Guatemala and working hard with the team on exciting projects that this year has in store!

Thank you for your support.

It means we can continue to help projects that are directly impacting the lives of at-risk children and youth in Guatemala and Honduras.

The SKD Team and Trustees.


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