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An Update from Street Kids Direct - support the Easter Appeal

This Easter Street Kids Direct are asking their supporters to invest in the lives of 65 vulnerable children by providing them with an excellent education.

Every child is in the SKD mentoring programme will also benefit from regular health and eye checks together with emergency support for their families in times of crisis.

Sadly the national schools in Guatemala have not yet re-opened and SKD knew they had to act in faith and offer this opportunity to all the children, rather than leaving them at risk. The hope is that all schools will re-open later this year so that next year all the children can return to normal schooling. They just need to get them through until November when the school year ends.

Thank you for whatever donation you can give towards this appeal; it will make such a difference. One of the boys who is in the programme shared his results yesterday and had 8 x100% on his school grade card. These children will achieve so much this year and are all packed with energy, talent and potential. Please do help impact their lives.

Please watch the video below for an update from the SKD team.


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