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Bike 'n Hike - Saturday 12 September 2020

The Bike 'n Hike will be very different this year as you will see from the below poster. Most churches will not be open and there will be no, or very few, refreshments. No signing in and we must maintain social distancing. We are recommended to carry our own food and drink, though I think it may be possible to buy drinks at some public houses and use their facilities. We need to take our own hand sanitiser etc, as you will see from the poster.

Brian and I intend to go out, although, depending on lockdowns etc, it may turn into a figure of eight so that we can pop home for a quick snack and back out again.

Please do see what you think and we really hope to find you on the route somewhere doing your selfies outside the churches.

You can donate to my Bike 'n Hike Just Giving page here


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