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An Evening with Terry Waite CBE - tickets now available!

Tickets are now available to buy for the Berkhamsted Deanery Lecture - An Evening with Terry Waite CBE.

The event will be held at Egerton-Rothesay School at 19:00 on Thursday 24th May. To book your tickets please click here.

Terry Waite has led a life full of remarkable experiences. He has met and negotiated with people such as General Amin, Colonel Ghadaffi, and many radical groups around the world. He has been an advisor to the first African Archbishop of Uganda and also to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was a hostage in Beirut for almost five years. Today he continues to be active in the Hostage world as well as working for the homeless and also for the development of young people throughout the world. In his lecture he will discuss some of his experiences and refer to several of his books which will be available on the evening and which he will be happy to personalise.

Out of the Silence

‘Terry Waite has described his feelings in simple and poignant prose and poetry’ - Joan Bakewell DBE.


‘A thoughtful and sensitive book from a man who endured the fear and loneliness of captivity’ -Stella Remington DCB

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