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June - July Prayer Leaflet

Praying with all our Churches of Berkhamsted and surrounding villages helps us keep our community together. God is always looking after us, even when we forget. Click below to download the latest Prayer Leaflet for June - July 2021.

Reflection from Job 38:1-4

“Over our time of Lockdown, we have managed to do, and think about many jobs around the house and garden. Some of which we have never found time for until now. Because we have had more time, we have not felt an impatience to rush through them so that we can get on with the next one we need to do. It’s been a pleasure to take time over that new project, knowing there is always tomorrow to do bit more. We can just sit back and enjoy our labours a bit at a time and thank God for these special times. We’ve been more aware of our environment, the planet and the Covid19 pandemic. The effect it has had on each one of us and our community. Thankfully we have had time and resources to help those in a misfortunate state with loss of jobs, illness and even death. Like Job, we have turned to God in our every need of helplessness, and he has answered us. The world in which we live is not the world as God created it. In Job God is lavish in his descriptions of the awesome world he created. His questions humble Job, and they should certainly humble us today. After vivid descriptions of creation and some of the marvellous creatures that inhabit it, God challenges Job to explain how all if this came to be. Job didn’t have the scientific knowledge we have today, yet, although science tells us a lot, it fails to answer the central question, who or what began it all? When we look up at the stars, when we hear of the vastness of the galaxies and the minuteness of microbes, when we crouch in a storm, or see the devastation of an earthquake or feel a tremmor… we have no answers. When we break an appliance, we need the manufacturer to fix it, but when we have a broken world, we need God’s grace and mercy to help us find solutions to heal it. The church should lead in this serious struggle, humbly seeking forgiveness for our terrible mistakes. Jesus the light that shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. We are called to be light bearers, bringing hope and leading the way to Jesus through the mess we find ourselves in. Our time of silence now is to come before God in our suffering and thank him for our situations, for our time to listen to him as we endeavour to make things right in his eyes. Job didn’t fear God for nothing, and nor should we…”

Prayer Breakfast JuneJuly 2021 PDF
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