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Public Notice for pew relocation

The PCC have asked the Diocese for permission to move a pew to make way for a wheelchair space, with a chair beside it for a carer, and an extended cupboard towards the rear of the central aisle. If you have any objection please see the below public notice.

Pew to be moved

Permission is requested to move a pew from the centre aisle to the North aisle to make way for a larger cabinet. We have decided to ask for permission to relocate the pew rather than have it cut down because the remaining space where the pew was is an ideal spot to insert a wheelchair and comfortable chair for a companion. This position is felt to be more inclusive than the previous arrangement for wheelchair users. It is also a more flexible arrangement since it is possible to insert three chairs if space is at a premium.

Public notice
Download PDF • 271KB

Pew to be moved
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PCC Meeting of St Mary Nov 2022
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