DENS latest donations list

DENS rely on the generous donations of individuals and businesses to keep their Foodbank well-stocked to fill essential food parcels. Check below for the current items needed for donation: FOOD AND CLEANING PRODUCTS Sponge Puddings Custard Tinned ham/corned beef Deodorant – Men and Women Toothbrushes – Singles/pairs Kitchen Towel Cleaning Sprays Dishwasher Tablets & Salt Washing up liquid Please note: At the moment we have good supplies of Baked Beans, Cereal and Pasta KITCHEN AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS double sized quilt covers, with or without pillow cases: if possible suitable for men double or king sized sheets Cooking utensils: slotted spoons; spatulas; fish turner; hand whisk; potato masher;

September 2020 Parish Newsletter

Keep up to date with the latest Parish news in the September 2020 edition of the Parish Newsletter. If you have any advertising or editorial queries please direct these to Editor, Jill Hipson.

Miles for Refugees

Northchurch mum, Jennie D'Urban is taking part in Miles for Refugees. Her goal is to run 108 miles, the distance from Calais to London, to help the British Red Cross continue supporting refugees in the UK. This distance reflects part of a journey that a refugee may have taken to reach safety. Through Miles for Refugees, every mile Jenny clocks up during September will help to support some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. Please donate to this amazing cause and read more about Jenny's story here.

A tribute to Thokozani Poswa

As some of you may have already heard, Thokozani Poswa, the director of Phakamisa sadly died last month after contracting Covid-19. She had been director since November 2013. Those of you who were able to meet her during her trips to the UK will remember her infectious enthusiasm for Phakamisa and her wish to spread the love of God to all she met. She was so grateful to the supporters in this country and wanted to share the work of the project as widely as possible. So much so that she willingly travelled to the UK despite never having flown or even been outside of South Africa before her first trip to the UK. She didn’t however enjoy, or get used to, the lower temperatures in this country!

Bike 'n Hike - Saturday 12 September 2020

The Bike 'n Hike will be very different this year as you will see from the below poster. Most churches will not be open and there will be no, or very few, refreshments. No signing in and we must maintain social distancing. We are recommended to carry our own food and drink, though I think it may be possible to buy drinks at some public houses and use their facilities. We need to take our own hand sanitiser etc, as you will see from the poster. Brian and I intend to go out, although, depending on lockdowns etc, it may turn into a figure of eight so that we can pop home for a quick snack and back out again. Please do see what you think and we really hope to find you on the route somewhere doin

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